Give Us Our Flowers_Work-in-progress

Give Us Our Flowers_Work-in-progress

I am fully immersed in the creation of a captivating painting that I have affectionately named "Give Us Our Flowers." This profound piece serves as a heartfelt tribute to both my ancestors and my fellow brothers and sisters who courageously fight for our lives and freedom. The process has been an exhilarating experience, as the painting takes on a more intricate and liberated form. Each stroke and brushstroke adds depth and character, igniting my excitement for its gradual unfolding.

In this artwork, I find myself exploring new artistic territories, embracing a slightly looser approach that allows for expressive freedom. The complexity within the piece becomes a visual representation of the multifaceted narratives it seeks to convey. As I delve deeper into the creation, I feel a profound connection to the subject matter and a genuine sense of joy in the artistic process.

With "Give Us Our Flowers," I aim to pay homage to the resilience and contributions of those who came before us while highlighting the ongoing struggles and victories in the fight for our collective liberation. This painting is an invitation to reflect, appreciate, and honor the rich tapestry of history and the individuals who have shaped our present.

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